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Dec 2016

Did you know?

Since the CPR protocol was changed in 2005, many more lives have been saved, because the new protocol makes it easier and more effective. Now, instead of wasting time trying to focus on getting air into the persons lungs (Rescue Breathing), if you find the person isn’t breathing, you locate the lower half of their breastbone and, placing one of your hands on top of the other and locking your fingers together, keeping your arms straight, you start pumping at a rate of 2 beats per second (100 per minute).

(Watch this little YouTube clip by Vinnie Jones for a quick look at how easy it’s become to do CPR.)

But, in South Africa, we can’t always get an ambulance to respond very quickly because their are great distances between hospitals and there are fewer ambulances. So, if the ambulance is going to take longer than half an hour to arrive, you need to provide the person with oxygen, by breathing for them yourself, but only if you’ve been recently trained in how to do this. If you haven’t been trained in how to breath for someone, just keep pumping on their chest until an ambulance arrives and the paramedics take over from you.